Jax Butler

The adventures of our super special German Shepherd.

This is Jax, our ~4 year old German Shepherd. Also known as A-jax, Jaxster, Jaximus, Jax-y, Jaxmeister, Jaxi-noodle, and occasionally Monster. Jax lives with me and Daniel Butler in the Essex countryside, along with our two cats (who are still sulking).

 Jax boasts many talents and has lots of wonderful ways. I capture a lot of his antics and rarely get time to share as I go, so this page can make up for it. From his sweetest moments to his dastardly acts, this is my digital posting ground. 


Meet Jax

Those eyes are his superpower! Just look at that face…

Such a loopy loon, this is Jax rocking his medical suit after getting his ‘sniparoo’

Photos of Jax

Proud to be an #SEOdog

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Project Freeze!

This is so hard to teach...

His first trip to the beach