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I'm available for freelance support. I'm also interested to hear about collaborative projects and supporting non-profit organisations.

Research & Analysis

By understanding search behaviour and demand we can maximise a websites targeting potential, identifying opportunities to yield the quickest results and ROI. Keyword research is built into a bespoke dashboard for ongoing integration and reference. With custom segments, buyer intent, questions, prepositions, plus SERP features and trends, this large data-set becomes a powerhouse of actionable insight.

Full Website Audit

By completing a full website audit we can identify search accessibility issues to improve crawl & indexing, removing the barriers to organic performance and significantly enhance visibility and reach. A technical website audit outlines all of the areas to address with direct recommendations on how to do so.

Technical Website Audits

Management & Support

Projects are structured and delivered in such a way that ongoing support is not needed, however I am often taken up in this capacity. From overseeing the recommendations made to working with their team to pursue the opportunities identified, I often become an integrated extension of their business and support in all areas of organic performance and digital marketing.

I’ve worked for some exciting agencies and as a result some really cool clients! I’ve had Legoland meetings, got ‘busy with the fizzy’™ with Sodastream, trained at Google HQ and braved the boardroom at Ladbrokes! It’s been a monumental ride!

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Hannah Rampton

Hannah Rampton

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Colchester, Essex

I live in Colchester in the South East of England, working with clients worldwide.

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